Airpods 2 Silicon Case




AirPods 2 Silicone Case –  Description:

  1. Material:
    • The case is typically made of high-quality silicone material, known for its flexibility, durability, and soft texture.
  2. Slim and Lightweight:
    • The silicone case maintains a slim and lightweight profile, adding minimal bulk to the AirPods charging case while providing effective protection.
  3. Shock Absorption:
    • The silicone material offers a level of shock absorption, providing protection against minor drops and impacts.
  4. Dust and Debris Protection:
    • The case covers the AirPods 2 charging case completely, preventing dust, lint, and debris from entering and potentially causing damage.
  5. Secure Fit:
    • The case fits snugly around the AirPods 2 charging case, ensuring that it stays securely in place during regular use.
  6. Easy Access:
    • Precise cutouts allow easy access to the Lightning port for charging, the LED indicator on the front, and the pairing button on the back, without removing the case.
  7. Wireless Charging Compatibility:
    • Many silicone cases for AirPods 2 are designed to be compatible with wireless charging, allowing users to charge their AirPods without removing the case.
  8. Variety of Colors:
    • Silicon cases are available in a wide range of colors, offering users the option to personalize their AirPods and match their style.
  9. Carabiner Attachment (Optional):
    • Some silicone cases come with an integrated carabiner or have a loop design, allowing users to attach their AirPods to a keychain or bag for added convenience.
  10. Customization and Patterns:
    • Some silicone cases may feature unique patterns, textures, or customization options, providing additional aesthetic appeal.
  11. Easy Installation:
    • The case is easy to install and remove, allowing users to switch between different cases if desired.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 0.3 × 0.3 × 0.3 cm


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