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Introducing the Haino Teko G8 Mini, a remarkable double bracelet watch that combines functionality, style, and connectivity. This innovative timepiece is designed to enhance your lifestyle with its attractive features and sleek design.

The G8 Mini comes in a set of three bracelets, allowing you to switch between different looks to match your outfit or mood. The first bracelet is crafted from durable gold steel, giving it a sophisticated and luxurious appearance. The other two bracelets are made from soft pink silicone, providing a comfortable and sporty feel. Additionally, an extra bracelet is included, offering even more versatility in your accessory choices.

One of the standout features of the G8 Mini is its heart rate measurement capability. With this feature, you can easily monitor your heart rate during workouts or throughout the day, providing valuable insights into your overall health and fitness levels.

The watch also boasts wireless charging functionality, ensuring convenient and hassle-free charging. Simply place the G8 Mini on a compatible charging pad, and it will power up without the need for tangled wires or connectors.

Not only does the G8 Mini offer advanced functionality, but it also stands out with its stylish design and attractive colors. The combination of the gold steel and pink silicone bracelets creates a visually appealing contrast, making it a fashion statement on your wrist. The pink bronze and silver color options further enhance the watch’s aesthetic appeal, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your personal style.

It is important to note that the G8 Mini is a non-medical watch. While it provides heart rate measurement, it is not intended for medical purposes. Please consult a healthcare professional for accurate medical measurements and advice

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