T 800 Watch Charger




  1. Connector Type: The charger typically has a connector that matches the charging port on the watch. For example, many smartwatches use USB, USB-C, or magnetic connectors.
  2. Voltage and Current: The charger should provide the correct voltage and current to charge the watch safely and efficiently. The specifications usually mention the output voltage (in volts) and current (in amps or milliamps).
  3. Compatibility: The charger should be compatible with the specific watch model. Different watches may have different charging requirements and connectors.
  4. Charging Speed: Some chargers may support fast charging, which allows the watch to charge more quickly. This is often expressed in terms of power output (watts).
  5. Cable Length: The length of the charging cable can be an important factor, especially if you need flexibility in where you can charge your watch.
  6. Material and Build Quality: The materials used in the charger’s construction can affect durability. High-quality chargers often have robust connectors and cables.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 0.5 × 0.2 × 0.4 cm


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